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Studio 27  | about us

It started just a dream for many of us. We were University classmates who had the just to be brought together by taking the same degree – architecture. Our path evolved as years passed taking up various specialization but still, we remained passionate about the creation and designing of houses. We love how the walls take up a new color, and how it blends perfectly with the other furniture and decoration inside a house. As it takes up a new life, we love that we are the elements that made it happen. We are tools that make a new beginning possible. We love being a part of a new life.

We started this company in 2003 and since then gathered the attention of the public through the outcome of our every project. Each of the crew that makes up Studio 27 bring forth his and her brilliance in their craft. It is no wonder that almost everything we touch becomes gold – or in case of the properties we handle, immediately acquire an upgraded value. We have been featured time and time again in many magazines and online publication as we transform old, dilapidated structures into something more modern and futuristic. We do not do this for fame. Of course, profit is a given consequence. But what matters the most is that putting our print into something that could be a safe haven for a family.

We do understand that getting a house is not a cheap acquisition. Even then, we’d like to make it affordable especially to those just starting up. We want to make it possible not just to the affluent but to every single individual in this society. We want everyone to have access to this kind of service. We want to be of service to our fellowmen.