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Bethany, 65

I and my husband own a Victorian home in Milwaukee. For years we have been satisfied with how it looked and how it served our families needs. However, since my son moved out to build their own families, the house also suffered. We were not anymore that young and we cannot keep up with such a house that needs constant rehabilitation and repair. We also had been going in and out of the hospital due to the medical condition of my husband so the house we loved so much suffered. It had become dilapidated on some corners and the insides were not anymore as homey as it was before. It had become a constant stress from us and we cannot find contractors we trust enough to provide the needed renovations. Good thing this studio was recommended to us by a friend.

At first, I thought it was not worth it. But looking at their portfolio, I saw this Victorian House which had become their project the year before I commissioned their service. The upgrades they added were great and they even managed to restore it to the original look. To say that I was well-satisfied on the outcome of their work to me was an understatement. This team is superb and very dependable. The cost? You think I was robbing them with how little they charged from me. Recommended service! 5 stars!